Salary, Expense Account, and Supplemental Compensation Information

All employees of the SJCISD are categorized by classification of position held. All classifications are established according to demands of the position, level of responsibility, job functions performed, credentials and skills required, etc. Each classification falls into at least one established salary schedule, which takes into account such factors as seniority in position or in similar positions, comparison to similar jobs elsewhere in community, cost of living factors, etc. Those employed by the SJCISD who have compensation packages including reimbursed expenses information within the top 3% of the organization, make up the leadership team. They are responsible for the operation of a $27.7 million organization which operates 3 owned facilities, rent 3 other facilities for off site programs, and employ 230 staff members which does not include contracted staff.

The top 3% employees with the highest compensation package are listed by 7 job titles hyperlinked to a job description and salary compensation and reimbursement expenses.